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Drync, The ‘Shazam for Wine’ Launches In App Store

Drync, The ‘Shazam for Wine’ Launches In App Store

August 14, 2013
If you like discovering new wines, you’ll absolutely love the new Drync app for iPhone. The free app helps users learn about, track, share, and buy their favorite wine in seconds. The app currently tracks over 1.7 million wines. It includes a database of 40,000 wines for sale in 41 states and the District of Columbia. To get started, snap a photo of a wine label. Drync instantly offers more information about the wine and presents purchasing information, when available. Other features include:
  • Highly accurate image recognition technology, that works on wine bottle labels, as well as wine labels in magazines, billboards and on computer screens
  • Text search capability to find wines by name
  • Secure, instant in-app checkout
  • Sharing wine activity with friends on Facebook and Twitter
  • Detailed wine information, including collaborative ratings and wine descriptions
  • Personal wine ratings and tasting notes that can be shared publicly, or kept private
  • Ability to submit unmatched labels for human curation
  • Soon to come – personalized and social recommendations
According to Mark Hastings, the lead investor for Drync:
The Drync team has developed an elegant solution to an age-old problem for wine drinkers: ‘I love this wine. Now, where can I get it?’ Drync is the only product on the market that bridges the gap between trying a wine you love, remembering it, and buying it again. Drync has the potential to completely change how people discover and buy wine.
The Drync – Scan and Buy Wine You Love app is available now in the App Store. Note: You CANNOT ship wines to the following states using the Drync app: Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, and Utah. [gallery columns="4"]

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Drync - Scan and Buy Wine You Love
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