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Feedly Pro Is Now Available To Everyone

Feedly Pro Is Now Available To Everyone

August 26, 2013
Feedly has now launched its Pro service to the general public. It had originally launched earlier this month as a “limited edition” beta. According to the Feedly website, the Pro version gives users the following additional tools:
  • Article search: Search within your Feedly feeds.
  • https: Add a layer of security to your Feedly browsing.
  • Evernote: One-click save to any of your Evernote notebooks.
  • Premium Support: Get bumped to the front of the support line.
Feedly Pro is $5 per month. The funds collected will help “finance the hardware needed to make Feedly Pro generally available and help support the next batch of features.” Feedly plans on adding new Pro features on a regular basis. In addition, the next batch of features are to be decided on by Feedly Pro users themselves, as they will get to vote on what features they would like Feedly to develop next. Since Google Reader went offline in July, Feedly has fast become one of the most popular RSS aggregator services on the Web and iOS. To sign up for feedly pro, click here. The free Feedly app is available in the App Store.

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