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Hilarious Take On 'Every Tech Commercial'

Hilarious Take On 'Every Tech Commercial'

August 30, 2013
Everybody’s trying to sell us something, and when it comes to technology products, things are just getting started. During the next few weeks, Samsung, Amazon, and of course, Apple will be launching new products. When they do, we can expect a plethora of new ads. CollegeHumor recently published a video that pokes fun at “every tech commercial.” The result is very funny, as you can see below:

Apple is expected to announce next-generation iPhones on Tuesday, Sept. 10. Six days earlier, Samsung will be holding a press event where they might announce their very own smart watch, among other new consumer products. Amazon is likely to announce new Kindles at an event in October. See also: Unaired 1983 Commercial Proves Apple Ads Have Come Full CircleApple's Latest TV Ads Are Torpedoed By The Public, and Why Does Samsung Continue To Mock Apple In Ads? Because It Works.

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