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Must Read: ‘70 iOS 7 And Legacy Tips, Tricks & Secrets’

Must Read: ‘70 iOS 7 And Legacy Tips, Tricks & Secrets’

September 19, 2013
Apple just unveiled the official iOS 7 guides. The publishing houses will soon get involved and release their own how-to tomes for the new operating system. For those who rather not read 300+ pages of sleep-inducing instruction, consider “70 iOS 7 and Legacy Tips, Tricks & Secrets,” a new e-book by It's About Time. Through a combination of short video clips and prose, the 83-page book focuses on some of the most important new features of iOS 7. As the title suggests, it also contains a few tips on features Apple has carried over from previous iOS versions. While “70 iOS 7 and Legacy Tips, Tricks & Secrets” is primarily for newbies, long-time users will also find it beneficial. As a power user myself, I found some of the tips completely new. As a result, my love for iOS 7 has only grown thanks to what I learned in the book. There will be many iOS 7 how-to guides released in the coming months. Most of those, however, will contain so much information that it will feel like overkill. If you’re looking for a no-nonsense guide to Cupertino’s latest creation, consider the $0.99 “70 iOS 7 and Legacy Tips, Tricks & Tricks.” It is available exclusively for the iPad in the iBookstore. [gallery columns="4"]

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