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The iPhone 5S Gets Significant Camera Upgrades With Improved Flash, Sensors And Slow-Mo

Those who enjoy taking photographs with their iPhones are sure to enjoy the latest upgrades to the camera of the iPhone 5S that was announced today.

The new iPhone 5S will have a larger, f/2.2 aperture and 15 percent larger active sensor area. The sensor will have 1.5 micron pixels.

“Let me give you an example of some of the things our new camera app does for you. Before you even take a picture, it’s setting light balance, and exposure. For the first time, it’s creating a dynamic local tone map around the image. For the first time, it’s doing autofocus matrix metering with 15 focus zones. When you do take a picture, it automatically finds the sharpest of multiple pictures”

The flash in the 5S will also contain 2 LEDs — one white, one amber. This will analyze the lighting in the room, and adjust the flash accordingly. There is also auto-image stabilization, taking multiple photos at once, and combining the sharpest parts of each image that you take. The new burst mode will take up to 10 frames per second.

And finally, the 5S will now support one more fun new thing: slow-mo. This will be separate from the standard camera application, allowing users to shoot HD video (720p) at 120 frames per second.

Image Source: TechCrunch [gallery link="file"]
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