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Will Coast By Opera Replace Safari As Your Favorite Browser?

Coast by Opera is a new browser for iPad. The free app does away with the buttons found on traditional browsers. The result could change how many of us surf the Web on Apple’s tablet device. The first thing you’ll notice about Coast is that it doesn’t use bookmarks. Instead, sites are kept on the home screen in the form of large icons. At launch, Coast lists a number of recommended sites including many you’d expect, including YouTube and Digg, and some you may not, like Who Killed Bambi? and Every Time Zone. Coast also adds your most-visited sites to the home screen. You can add your favorites here too, and delete those you don’t wish to keep. The main page also includes a search bar. Opera automatically suggests three results as you type, which is really nice. Once you’re actually on a site, moving between screens is done through gestures. As a result, instead of back and forward buttons, you use left and right swipes. To get back to the home screen, push the small button directly at the bottom of the screen. To move between sites most recently visited, click on the button at the bottom right. Coast by Opera is definitely worth taking for a test drive. Not only is it comfortable to use, but it is also a lot of fun. It is available for download now in the App Store. [gallery columns="4"]
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