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Lightspeed Makes Your iPhone's Camera Even Better

Lightspeed Makes Your iPhone's Camera Even Better

October 10, 2013
Lightspeed is a new app that turns an iOS device into a time-lapse camera. It is available now for the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad. Created by Watersoft, the $2.99 app is extremely simple to use, but also very powerful. To start shooting video, one only needs to hit the record button using the default settings. For additional customization, you can adjust the capture interval and shutter angle. The former accumulates light in a manner similar to a motion picture film camera. The latter is adjusted to control how long each frame is exposed for. For example, a 180° shutter is the typical setting used for motion pictures, and will give a natural cinematic look to your movies. By dialing the shutter down to 1° degree, the motion blur will take on a staccato feel, while increasing it to 360° degrees will maximize the motion blur to give videos a smooth, fluid look and feel. Lightspeed 1.0 includes the following features:
  • Capture intervals as fast as 1/12th of a second up to 30 seconds apart.
  • All of the timing and camera controls can be adjusted while the app is recording.
  • 1080p HD movies are saved right to your camera roll.
  • Watch each frame develop in real time.
  • As the cinematographer, take control of the amount of motion blur in your time lapse by adjusting the shutter angle to create light trails and silky smooth motion.
  • Continuously adjust shooting parameters while recording to create fun effects and happy accidents.
  • Film from a moving vehicle and capture a hyper lapse of your travels.
  • Film personal projects and watch them unfold at warp speed.
  • Use Lightspeed on a second device to control the camera remotely.
I love taking photos and videos, especially with my new iPhone 5s. Still, I would never consider myself an expert. However, thanks to Lightspeed, others may not know that. Lightspeed does exactly what it promises and comes highly recommended. I can't wait to see what future updates bring to it. Lightspeed is compatible with the iPhone 4S and later. It also works on the iPad 3, iPad 4, and iPad mini. Download Lightspeed today in the App Store. [gallery columns="4"]  

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