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Rosetta Stone Arcade Academy Makes Learning A New Language Fun

Rosetta Stone, the company behind the line of popular language learning tools, has announced the release of its newest product for iOS devices. Rosetta Stone Arcade Academy helps users learn Spanish through a combination of entertainment and education. The freemium app is available now for the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad. Rosetta Stone Arcade Academy follows the story of a teenage girl who relocates with her family to Bogotá, Colombia, and faces unexpected language and cultural challenges. Your job is to help her learn Spanish through a series of games. At the same time, naturally, you’ll be learning the language too. Rosetta Stone promises that the game’s surprising “pay-off” is likely to keep winners playing over and over again. The app includes 12 games featuring 120 variations. It teaches a total of 40 core Spanish words and phrases in over 400 different combinations. Additional packs are available by making an in-app purchase. According to West Stringfellow, Rosetta Stone’s chief product officer:
We’re constantly thinking of new ways to improve the learner's experience. We know that engagement is critical to learning success and Arcade Academy really shines on that count. By wrapping Rosetta Stone’s proven-effective language-learning methodology in a set of retro, rapid-fire games, we’re offering an outstanding learning alternative that holds its own as both education and entertainment.
We’ve been learning with Rosetta Stone Arcade Academy for a few days, and definitely feel it has great potential. It will be interesting to see what new tools, levels, and languages are added in the future. The universal Rosetta Stone Arcade Academy app is available for download here.
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