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A 'Smarter' Pocket Is Available Now In The App Store

A 'Smarter' Pocket Is Available Now In The App Store

November 13, 2013
Bookmarking tool Pocket is out with a new update for the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad. Pocket 5.0 is “smarter, more dynamic, and offers streamlined navigation and search,” according to the Pocket Blog. The update includes two distinct new features, Highlights and Pocket Preferences. The first assigns a new article, video, or website to one of four standard categories. These include: best of, trending, long-form articles, or short articles. The new version also creates topic-based categories, as items are added. This could include, for example, Apple, apps, or television. User-generated tags will also now receive a category assignment. According to Pocket, the main goal of Highlights is to help you spend more time enjoying the service, rather than searching for something new. Version 5.0 also includes Pocket Preferences, which is described as follows:
How it works: Pocket uses the topics, sites and authors you save most and lets you connect them to other apps using your Pocket account. Pocket Preferences automatically updates your interests in connected apps so the content they recommend is as dynamic as your tastes.
At launch, Pocket Preferences will also be available via the universal Zite news app. Hack Later will also be adding the feature later this month, as will other apps in the future. We’re still digging our way through Pocket 5.0 and hope to give you our thoughts on it in the days ahead. Pocket is available to download in the App Store.

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