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Here’s Another Reason To Buy An Apple Mobile Device

Here’s Another Reason To Buy An Apple Mobile Device

November 5, 2013
Apple mobile devices remain quite valuable on the secondary market. In fact, one analyst recently found the iPhone and iPad hold the best resale values in the industry, according to AppleInsider. Timothy Acuri of Cowen and Company looked at the resale values of 40 different smartphone models and 23 different “premium” tablets released over the last four years. He found that the iPhone carries an average premium of $128 over competitors, while the iPad is on average worth $67 more. He notes:
Our data suggests this is largely independent of the duration the product has been on the market, even (3 to 4 years) out when virtually all other competing values have virtually no value. Given an extremely thriving secondary market, this premium is effectively a subsidy for consumers.
Cowen contends that high resale values are one of the reasons consumers stick with Apple, and why the company sets pricing premiums on its products. None of this should come as a surprise to anyone who has sold an old mobile device — whether it came from Apple, or someone else. See also: Your 2013 Apple iPad Trade In Guide, and Your 2013 iPhone Trade In Guide.

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