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Should You Buy Apple's Smart Cover For iPad Air?

Should You Buy Apple's Smart Cover For iPad Air?

November 4, 2013
Along with the release of the iPad Air, Apple introduced a new Smart Case and Smart Cover. These two options seemed to be the only way to protect your shiny new iPad on launch day, but are they worthy purchases? Today we're taking a look at Apple's redesigned Smart Cover. This little flap of polyurethane will protect your screen and provide a little more functionality, but it will also set you back $39. Apple's Smart Cover will enable sleep/wake functionality and double as a portrait or landscape stand, but these options are also available with many other cases and covers. Recently, we put together a hands-on video review of the redesigned Smart Cover to find out if it's really worth $39. Check out our video below:

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Aside from its sleep/wake functionality and built-in stand options, the Smart Cover really can't compete with a lot of the other cases and covers available through third party manufacturers. In fact, you can find better options that will provide more protection for less than $40. It's also important to note that Apple no longer offers a leather Smart Cover, so if you're looking for leather iPad accessories from Apple, your only option is the iPad Air Smart Case. That being said, I think the Smart Cover definitely has a place in the Apple Ecosystem. This cover will provide protection for the iPad Air's screen, but it leaves the back completely exposed. That may not be a big deal to some people, but if you're looking for protection rather than Apple branded accessories, I'd look at some of the great third part options we recently covered in our "This Week In Accessories" column.

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