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Video: A Closer Look At The Design Differences Between Apple's iPad Air And iPad 4

Apple's iPad Air is an entirely different device than its predecessor. Yes, iPad Air has the same beautiful Retina display that was introduced with the third generation iPad, but Apple has completely changed the iPad's form factor. The new design mimics what we've grown to know and love about the iPad mini. Overall, iPad Air is nothing more than a giant iPad mini with Retina Display, but the design change was definitely overdue. The point is, if you've seen an iPad mini, you've seen the iPad Air. That being said, how does this full-size iPad redesign compare to the fourth generation iPad? If you put the two devices side by side, the differences are very extreme. While the iPad Air has yet to prove that it's a worthy upgrade, the design change is a very persuasive factor. If you'd like to see an in-depth design comparison between the iPad Air and iPad 4, check out our comparison video below:

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In my opinion, if you have a third or fourth generation iPad, I'd skip the iPad Air. The only thing you're missing out on are a few internal enhancements and a its form factor. The iPad Air may be 28 percent lighter and 20 percent thinner, but aside from the minor bump in specifications, is that really enough to warrant an upgrade?
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