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Apple's iTunes Match Expands To Several Countries

Apple's music service, iTunes Match, has recently expands to several new countries. According to MacRumors, iTunes Match is now available in Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Sweden. In case you weren't familiar with it, iTunes match allows users to take their existing music library and match it with high quality versions through Apple's cloud service. Subscribers then have the ability to stream or download the music from iCloud on any device connected to the same Apple ID. The yearly subscription service is priced at €24.99 in Finland and 249 kr in Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. Along with that, all of the countries in the expansion have access to iTunes in the Cloud. MacRumors also noted that iTunes in the Cloud movie support has also expanded to Portugal and Bulgaria. Currently, only a few countries in the iTunes family are excluded from iTunes Match and iTunes in the Cloud. Music licensing is probably the biggest road block in front of the service launching in the remaining countries. Though, it's apparent that Apple is working hard on expanding these services. Apple's iTunes Match debuted in 2011, and in comparison to the prices mentioned above, the service is currently priced at $24.99 in the U.S. and £21.99 in the U.K. If you'd like to find out more about iTunes Match, visit Apple's dedicated webpage using this link.
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