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Sell Your Old iOS Devices Through Glyde And Take Advantage Of This Special Deal

Are you hoping to unload a previous generation iOS device during the holidays? Glyde has a great deal for AppAdvice readers. Between now and the first of the year, you can receive a bonus of $15 on top of the usual proceeds for any iPhone or iPad sale. Unlike sites like NextWorth and Gazelle, Glyde matches sellers with buyers. In doing so, it suggests a “market price” based on the condition of your device. You can use Glyde's recommendation, or set your own price using a sliding scale. For example, a fully functional 64GB iPhone 5 from Sprint has a market price of $286. However, you can ask for as much as $306 (“sells slower") or as little as $238 (“done deal”). [caption id="attachment_498964" align="aligncenter" width="983"]Sample Sample[/caption] After the item is sold,  you’ll receive a free shipping kit in the mail. Simply send the device (for free) in the package provided, and you're done. Once the buyer receives the item, your money is added to your Glyde account. From there, you can have the cash transferred to your bank account for free, or request a paper check for $2. To take advantage of this special deal, click on this link. From there, follow these guidelines:
  • It's good for a bonus of $15 on top of the usual proceeds for any iPhone or iPad sale on Glyde.
  • Just click on the link to activate it and then list an iPhone or iPad for sale during your visit.
  • Once the sale is complete, you'll have your usual proceeds plus $15.
  • The bonus is good for any listing made through that link up to Jan. 1, 2014. The sale of your listed item does not have to occur or be completed before January, you only have to list the item for sale before Jan. 1.
  • The bonus is limited to one use per person.
I’ve used Glyde in recent months to sell both my iPhone 5 and iPad with Retina display. I highly recommend the service to anyone looking to unload an old iOS device. For more information on Glyde, visit the official website at
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