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The Best Jailbreak Tweaks Compatible With iOS 7

The Best Jailbreak Tweaks Compatible With iOS 7

December 24, 2013
As many of you may know, iOS 7 has been jailbroken. The Evad3rs recently surprised the community with an official iOS 7 untethered jailbreak. While this is excellent news, unfortunately, there aren't very many tweaks that are compatible with iOS 7 yet. The compatibility issue is mainly due to Mobile Substrate lacking a much needed iOS 7/64-bit update, but hopefully that will be fixed in the near future. Mobile Substrate and certain tweaks will work with the iPhone 5/5c and below, but unfortunately Apple's iPhone 5s, iPad mini with Retina Display, and iPad Air are left out until things are updated. Cydia was recently updated to version 1.1.9 with a brand new design for iOS 7, so hopefully everything else will come together soon. The good news is, if you own a device that can run Mobile Substrate, there are a handful of iOS 7 compatible jailbreak tweaks available. We've put together an overview of some of the best tweaks compatible with iOS 7 devices. Check out our "top jailbreak tweaks" video below:

If you can't see the above video, please click this link.

Most of the tweaks in the video are completely free. In no particular order here are our recommended tweak downloads for iOS 7:
  • HiddenSettings7 - Enables hidden Springboard settings.
  • Lock Screen Tool - Customizes the lock screen slider text.
  • SwitchSpring - Adds several options to the app switcher.
  • MyWi 7 - Adds tethering capabilities.
  • Software Update Killer - Disables the iOS Software Update button and hides the app badge.
  • PandoraSkips - Allow unlimited skipping in Pandora
These aren't all of the compatible tweaks available, but we wanted to share a handful of useful tweak to get you started. Over the next couple of weeks, expect to see more updates and new tweaks flow in through Cydia. What are your favorite iOS 7 compatible tweaks?

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