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Who In Their Right Mind Would Want Their iPhone To Look Like A BlackBerry? Ryan Seacrest!

When it launched in 2007, the iPhone was one of the few smartphones to ship without an actual keyboard. Nearly seven years later, this has become the industry standard. Just don’t tell this to Ryan Seacrest, who apparently misses the days when the cool kids carried BlackBerry devices. The entertainer is one of the investors behind the Typo iPhone Keyboard case. The $99 accessory launches in January, exclusively for the iPhone 5/5s. Featuring a Bluetooth-enabled keyboard that slides on the bottom of the iPhone, the Typo promises that users will type “50% faster and with less Typos.” The case is also supposed to bring back “40% more screen space for typing.” [caption id="attachment_494236" align="aligncenter" width="440"]Ryan Seacrest ready to party like it's 2006 Ryan Seacrest ready to party like it's 2006[/caption] All this may be true, but do folks really want to carry around an external keyboard for their iPhone? I think not, although Seacrest has every right to spend his money as he sees fit. What’s next, a flip iPhone? Maybe a bag iPhone? How about an iPhone with a rotary dial? Take a look: The Typo iPhone Keyboard case is available in black. You may preorder it by following this link. Will you be buying a Typo?
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