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Jailbreak Tweak: Swipey Is An Awesome Lock Screen Launcher for iOS 7

Jailbreak Tweak: Swipey Is An Awesome Lock Screen Launcher for iOS 7

January 1, 2014
Are you looking for an innovative lock screen launcher for iOS 7? Well, look no further than Swipey. Created by Tyler Nettleton, this is a new jailbreak tweak that will give you access to six different apps via left swipes across the lock screen. The best part about Swipey is, you'll gain all of the features that come with a lock screen launcher, without all of the clutter. Once Swipey has been installed, you can set up each custom app slot from Swipey's preferences within the Settings app. After you selections have been made, head out to the lock screen to see Swipey in action. Swiping from right to left across the lock screen will reveal cards for each app that you've selected. When you've reached an app that you'd like to launch, stop swiping and the card will fade into the actual app. Check out our video overview of Swipey below:

If you can't see the above video, please click this link.

As mentioned by Tyler Nettleton, Swipey also includes passcode support, but you'll get the best experience without one enabled. If you do have a passcode set up, you'll be prompted to enter it before an app is able to launch. It's also important to note that Swipey is compatible with all jailbroken devices running iOS 7. Overall, I think Swipey is a great lock screen tweak. It adds more functionality to the lock screen, but doesn't take away from the stock iOS 7 experience. Currently, Swipey is available in the BigBoss repository for $1.99. For more information about Swipey, check out our video overview.

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