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Alleged Images Of Apple's iPhone 6 Surface, But We're Not Convinced Yet

Alleged Images Of Apple's iPhone 6 Surface, But We're Not Convinced Yet

February 13, 2014
According to recent rumors, Apple's next generation iPhone will be thinner and lighter than ever before. While this information isn't particularly surprising based on previous iPhone releases, new images have surfaced that could be our first look at the iPhone 6. These leaked photos show an iPhone with a larger display and a very thin design. Originally reported by Sonny Dickson and a mysterious Twitter account (via MacRumors), the new images showcase an iPhone that looks very similar to Apple's current generation iPod touch. The images are definitely interesting, but the bottom line is, there is no solid evidence that they are real. MacRumors notes that the images clearly show the FCC text on the back shell, which normally isn't added to the device at this stage in Apple's production process. These "prototype" images, in many other similar situations, lack these etchings. Along with that, this isn't the first time we've seen this kind of iPhone design. Back in Oct. 2013, Ciccarese Design published renderings that looks almost identical to the leaked images above. In the post found here, Ciccarese Design has named this concept device, "iPhone Air." It would definitely be a fitting name considering Apple's recent release of its iPad Air, but it still seems a bit odd that these leaked photos are almost spot on with the renderings. Not to say that either of the sources are incorrect, but it's worth mentioning. It's also important to note that these images appear to be different than Apple's iPod touch, which may help rule out the possibility of a modified housing. The left side of the photo below shows an iPod touch housing (via iFixit) next to the recently discovered "iPhone 6" housing photo. If you look closely at the image below, the screw holes aren't a match and it seems that the overall placement of internal components would be different. Either way, we're a long way away from Apple's official unveiling of its iPhone 6, iPhone Air, or whatever Cupertino decides to name it. What do you think about these leaked images? Apple tends to test out different prototypes before deciding on an official design. Unfortunately, like many other leaked images in the past, the person responsible for taking these photos couldn't get their hands on a reasonable camera. Do I think these photos are real? Nope. Could Apple release an iPhone with a similar design? That's a good possibility.
Update: As mentioned MacRumors' forums, the typeface on this leaked "iPhone 6" is completely different than the iPhone 5s. This would mean that Apple went back to the original font used in the past which seems unlikely at the moment. Take a look at this image or the forum post here for a closer look. [gallery link="file"]

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