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Battle Of The Mini Tablets: Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 Versus iPad mini With Retina Display

Battle Of The Mini Tablets: Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 Versus iPad mini With Retina Display

February 20, 2014
There aren't many tablets on the market that come close to Apple's iPad mini with Retina Display. Google's Nexus 7 was a close competitor, but it lacks a high resolution "Retina" display. Recently, Samsung released the Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4, and while its screen is a little bigger than the iPad mini, this is definitely going to be tough competition for Apple. Without starting an Android versus iOS war, we thought it would be helpful to compare these two tablets. Obviously, there's a big difference between iOS and Android, but when you compare the hardware, design, specifications, and software features, which tablet has the most bang for your buck? Check out our in-depth video comparison below:

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Samsung's Android overlay, TouchWiz, is known to slow down devices, but in my experience, that wasn't the case with the Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4. It's also important to note that the Tab Pro has a Micro SD card slot that will allow you to expand its internal storage. I'm a huge fan of the iPad mini with Retina Display, but it's hard to ignore the performance and beautiful high resolution display found on the Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4. Im not necessarily saying that one tablet is better than the other, but hopefully this comparison will help you make an informed purchase. Are Apple's competitors shaping the future of iOS devices?

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