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Messaging App Hop Has Made The Jump To iPad

Messaging App Hop Has Made The Jump To iPad

February 20, 2014
Hop, the messaging app that wants to “reimagine” your email, is out with a huge update. The latest version brings the free app to the iPad for the first time. First released in October 2013, the app turns regular emails into ongoing streams, like chat. It works with most major email providers, including Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, and iCloud. It also works as a dedicated message app. Unlike traditional email, Hop is organized into feeds by individual users or groups. Each of these streams are continuous, even if the conversation is happening via email. Besides jumping to the iPad, Hop now includes the following:
  • Manage all of your email accounts from a single real-time feed, or just hop in one by one. This was the #1 most requested update across all of our users!
  • Open or send photos and documents directly to Dropbox, Evernote and Twitter.
  • Browse all shared images and documents with thumbnail preview.
  • Swipe-and-hold to archive, trash or mark messages for later.
  • Make Hop your own by customizing and controlling all the features so you can email in the way you like to most.
I've been a big supporter of Hop since it first arrived, and have been testing the iPad version for a while now. As Daniel Celeste said in his initial review, Hop takes some getting used to since it forces you to rethink email. For me, this has been a positive change. You'll need to decide whether Hop is right for you. The universal Hop app is available to download in the App Store. [gallery columns="4"]

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Hop - Your email. Reimagined.
Hop - Your email. Reimagined.

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