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AppAdvice Daily: Gmail Update, Aluminum Bumpers Done Right And An App For Awkwardness

On today's AppAdvice Daily, we take a look at the new Gmail update, and the new background app refresh feature. Will this be a game changer? Watch the show to find out. Aluminum bumpers, are you mad? Well, two guys thought that aluminum was getting a bad rap when it came to the iPhone, so they went on a mission to make the perfect aluminum bumper, with zero signal loss. Here comes the AL 13 V2. Unfortunately they are not yet a reality, but may be soon thanks to Kickstarter. So if you like what you see, go pledge. Finally, we wrap up the show with an upcoming app designed to get you out of awkward situations. It's called Tickle, and uses gestures to let the app know that you need an escape. It will then send a phantom phone call to rescue you. Awkwardness avoided. Tickle is currently in beta, but we can't wait to see this one hit the App Store. We will keep you posted on its release.
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