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Apple's iTunes Radio Has Explicit Language Even With Filters Turned On

Apple's iTunes Radio Has Explicit Language Even With Filters Turned On

March 31, 2014
Apple’s iTunes Radio is supposed to block songs with explicit language. Unfortunately the filters are “far from perfect,” as AppleInsider recently uncovered. Site and reader tests show that even with Apple’s filters enabled, profanity tends to slip through. Conversely, when the filter is turned off, not all censored material is played. They note:
In one example, an uncensored version of the track "Billionaire" by Travie McCoy and Bruno Mars, which features a prominent "f-word" in the opening lines of the song, was said to have played on numerous occasions in front of children.
According to the report, these issues have existed since Apple unveiled iTunes Radio to the public last September, as the numerous threads on the Apple Support Communities website show. So far, Apple has not commented on, or corrected the problem. There are two ways to enable or disable explicit content on iTunes Radio via an iOS device. The first is the easiest, simply tap the “i” button at the top of the screen when playing a station. From there, flip the switch for “Allow Explicit Tracks.” You can also go into the Settings app and choose General > Restrictions. Under “Allowed Content” uncheck “Music & Podcasts,” which will change the content filter to “clean.” Doing so also removes the ability to toggle such content back on through iTunes Radio.

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