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Bloom Built Hits The Publish Button On Day One's Latest Update

Bloom Built Hits The Publish Button On Day One's Latest Update

March 11, 2014

When such a sacred app like Day One receives an update containing new features, users everywhere find a reason to rejoice.

Bloom Built has given us another reason to do this, releasing a new feature called Publish by Day One in the app's 1.13 update. This is, perhaps, one of the most significant features to ever make it into the precious journalling app, and that's because it allows you to share your entries in the best way possible.

After creating an account, all you have to do it share an entry is tap the new Publish icon, choose who you want to share with, and hit Publish. Your entry will become a beautiful HTML webpage that is optimized for any device, with a link provided to share it with whom you like. The best part about this is that only those with a link can view the entry, so you can decide to share it on a larger scale over Facebook or Twitter, or with a select few people.

Privacy concerns are obviously going to be at large with this update, but rest assured that you will know if something gets published. Not only will the entry be highlighted in blue in your timeline, but it will also appear in a new Published list. Each published entry will also display how many views it has received.

Should you decide to update or abolish the entry, that new Publish icon will have you covered. Any changes you make are immediate, and the same link will always lead to the most recent update.

You may have seen some Published content floating around since some lucky individuals like myself have been testing the feature, and while I'd never want to share most things put into Day One, Publish has proven to be amazing during the few times I've used it. It's like turning what was once a quick journal entry into a beautiful blog post.

Here are a few currently Published entries that I like:

“Three Years!!!” by Paul Mayne

“I've always kept a journal” by Jon Mitchell

“An update on our dog” by Federico Viticci

“Publish by Day One Sample Entry” by Paul Mayne (just to show formatting)

As you can see, you can effortlessly make a beautiful product.

In the past, sharing an entry from Day One involved exporting it as a PDF or copying its contents — both of which proved to be mediocre and tedious ways of sharing something simple like a quick shot from a vacation or a more lengthy piece of writing.

Unfortunately, Publish is only available on the iPhone as of this writing, but iPad and Mac support will be added in a future update. However, you can see which articles are published if you're using the latest version of the app on OS X. In the mean time, be sure to update your copy of Day One to version 1.13, or if you haven't already, purchase the universal Day One for $4.99 in the App Store or the OS X version in the Mac App Store for $9.99.

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