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Video: How To Create Nested Folders In iOS 7.1

Video: How To Create Nested Folders In iOS 7.1

March 21, 2014
When iOS 7.1 was released, it brought a few new features and small design changes. Unfortunately, Apple also patched a very handy glitch. The ability to create nested folders was removed in Apple's latest iOS update, but luckily, there's still another method that slipped through the cracks. According to VBarraquito from Twitter, a method that was discovered back in Sept. 2013 lived through the iOS 7.1 update. Keep in mind, this is a glitch and we don't expect it to survive another update, but for now, at least we still have a method to keep our home screen organized. Check out our video tutorial below:

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Here are the steps for creating nested folders in iOS 7.1: Step 1: Find any two apps on your home screen and make sure an existing folder is present on the same screen. Step 2: Put on app over the other to create a new folder, but right before the new folder opens, tap and hold on the existing folder from step 1 and drag it inside of the new folder and release your finger. Step 3: Enjoy your nested folder. Unfortunately, you'll need to plan out your app organization before nesting a folder. Once the first folder is inside of the second folder, there's no way to add additional apps to it. Hopefully Apple will officially implement a feature like this in the future. For an in depth look at creating nested folders in iOS 7.1, be sure to check out our video tutorial above. If you've found any other glitches in iOS 7.1, be sure to let us know. Send us an email and we may feature your glitch in a future article.

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