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Come And Get Your Free Copy Of Wondershare's TunesGo For Mac Or PC

Come And Get Your Free Copy Of Wondershare's TunesGo For Mac Or PC

May 12, 2014
We’ve teamed up with Wondershare, our latest AppAdvice Daily podcast sponsor, in order to provide every one of our readers with a free copy of TunesGo ($39.95) for Mac or PC! TunesGo is able to perform all of the syncing tasks iTunes is able to while also providing you with complete control over the content on your iDevice. Upon launch, TunesGo will scan your iDevice to discover every last song, photo, video, TV show, podcast, voice memo, and audiobook. Please keep in mind that it's necessary to turn off' automatic syncing in iTunes and shut it down completely to allow TunesGo to perform its magic. Once TunesGo has discovered all of your content, you're able to do just about anything with it. Let's say you've purchased a new computer or want to transfer content from your iDevice to multiple computers. What do you do? Use TunesGo, of course! TunesGo doesn't care what type of iDevice is connected. It allows you to export all of your music and playlists, complete with ratings, play counts, and skips, to your computer in no time. You're able to export your entire library as one big batch, or you can utilize TunesGo's "Smart Export" feature. This feature only exports content that's not already on your computer. It's not all about music though, as TunesGo allows you to simply drag and drop podcasts, videos, TV shows, photos, and other content right to your computer as well. You're also able to transfer music, photos, videos, and other content from your computer to your iDevice. The best part is, if a file isn't compatible with your iDevice, TunesGo will automatically convert it into something that is recognizable. It will never wipe out the original files on your iDevice, either. TunesGo also includes search, the ability to create and manage playlists, and the ability to put together photo albums. To get this wonderful piece of software completely free of charge:
  1. Follow this special link:
  2. Fill out the form and choose your platform.
  3. Check your email for your unique registration code and download the install file.
  4. Install, register, and start enjoying TunesGo!
As an added bonus, all AppAdvice readers can purchase TunesGo for 50% discount with free lifetime updates. This amazing opportunity will only last until the end of the week, so don't delay and download today!

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