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Octa's TabletTail Accessories System Is Growing Thanks To A New Kickstarter Campaign

Octa's TabletTail Accessories System Is Growing Thanks To A New Kickstarter Campaign

June 17, 2014
TabletTail is a tablet accessories system that works with both iOS and Android devices. Created by Denver, Colorado-based Octa, TabletTail was successfully funded in February 2013 through a Kickstarter campaign. The company is now adding four new components to the accessory. Once again, they have turned to Kickstarter to get the project off the ground. Already funded with just days to go, the new parts allow users to stand, grip, wrap, hang, and use their tablet anywhere. They include:
  • The Spider: This universal tablet holder fits in your palm.  Using high-tolerance gears, its claws fling open to grip the sides of any tablet, ratcheting securely into place.
  • The Clamp: This versatile tablet mount clamps to flat, round, or irregular surfaces.  It’s ideal for use at home or on-the-go; attach it to desks and tables, microphones and cameras, swings and hammocks, wheelchairs and high chairs.
  • The Bridge: The Bridge lets you connect multiple TabletTail components.  It bends and flexes in the middle, and both ends feature 360∞ rotation.  The Bridge can be used as a power-grip handle or as a tabletop tablet stand by leaving one end free.
  • The Wall Mount: With two simple screws, this low-profile tablet mount can be affixed semi-permanently to a wall, a desk, or another hard surface.  Incorporate your tablet into a home automation or entertainment system, or just leave it in the kitchen for easy reference while cooking.
The previously released Monkey Kit bundle included the MonkeyTail, a flexible stand that wraps, curls, and tucks in place on desks, in beds, and on couches, and the Vacuum Dock, a portable surface mount with industrial-grade suction cups, which connects to smooth surfaces. Octa also makes a Whale Kit, which features a separate WhaleTail and the Vacuum Dock for a comfortable handle and flexible stand that works on soft and uneven surfaces; this has been available from the company since 2012 but was not launched through Kickstarter like the other components. The seven components are interchangeable. Take a look:

Octa hoped to raise $20,000 to begin work on the four new parts. They have raised nearly $29,000, as the project reaches its conclusion on June 26. There are a number of Kickstarter rewards still available through the TabletTail project. For more information, visit the project's official site.

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