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Apple's iPad share of the tablet market drops to 25.9 percent

Apple's iPad share of the tablet market drops to 25.9 percent

July 24, 2014
Earlier this week, Apple announced that iPad sales fell 9 percent year over year to 13.3 million units. The drop came as worldwide tablet sales grew between April and June by 11 percent, according to IDC Research. Preliminary data shows that Apple’s share of the overall tablet market now stands at 25.9 percent. Last year at this time, Cupertino’s share was 33 percent. No. 2 Samsung saw its tablet sales increase 1.6 percent. Despite this, the Korean-based company’s share of the market dropped to 17.2 percent from 18.8 percent. Rounding out the top five are Lenovo (4.9 percent), ASUS (4.6 percent), and Acer Group (2.0 percent). Other manufacturers now make up 44.4 percent of the worldwide market, compared to 37.0 percent in 2013. ipadshares According to Jitesh Ubrani, Research Analyst, Worldwide Quarterly Tablet Tracker:

Until recently, Apple, and to a lesser extent Samsung, have been sitting at the top of the market, minimally impacted by the progress from competitors. Now we are seeing growth amongst the smaller vendors and a leveling of shares across more vendors as the market enters a new phase.

Apple is likely to announce new iPads in October.

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