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Apple's two-step verification process expands to 59 countries

Apple's two-step verification process expands to 59 countries

July 17, 2014
Apple has greatly expanded the reach of its two-step authentication process. The security feature is now available in 59 countries. Previously, it was only available in 11 nations. First introduced in 2013, Apple’s two-step verification system is an additional security feature for your Apple ID that's designed to prevent anyone from accessing or using your account, even if they know your password. It requires you to verify your identity using one of your devices before you can take any of these actions:
  • Sign in to My Apple ID to manage your account
  • Make an iTunes, App Store, or iBooks Store purchase from a new device
  • Get Apple ID related support from Apple

Here are the countries that now support two-step verification:


In June, Apple began testing a two-step verification process for its site. In addition to an Apple ID username and password combination, a four-digit verification code sent by the system to an associated device is now required. Upon successful verification, all iCloud Web apps are unlocked for normal access and use.

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