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Muuzii partners with Deportes Media, helps Spanish language mobile users learn English

Muuzii partners with Deportes Media, helps Spanish language mobile users learn English

July 31, 2014
On Thursday, mobile translation company Muuzii announced a marketing agreement with Deportes Media, LLC. The agreement will help bring its mobile translation and language learning services to the North American Hispanic community. As part of the agreement, Deportes Media will promote Muuzii translation services on air, online, and in social media. First launched in June, Muuzii offers language services for mobile users hoping to improve communication skills in a secondary language. The company offers Spanish-to-English, English-to-Spanish, Chinese-to-English, and English-to-Chinese services. MZ25542_ESPN_Deportes-630x426 Muuzii offers two services to the Hispanic community, Muuzii Message and Muuzii Speak. Muuzii Message is a phone-based service that enables users to text a word or phrase in Spanish and receive an accurate, conversational English translation in seconds. Muuzii Speak provides an audio translation to help with correct pronunciation and language learning. Deportes Media is a Spanish language sports broadcasting group with ESPN Deportes affiliated radio stations in four of the largest Hispanic markets in the United States. The network provides content, services, and entertainment specifically for Spanish-dominant U.S. residents. Eric Fang, CEO Muuzii, Inc. notes:
Muuzii services offer a very practical, on-the-go and affordable way to help Spanish speakers with the everyday challenges of living, working and communicating in an English-speaking society. Deportes Media has an established relationship and trust of the Latino community, and we’re so pleased to be working with them to build awareness and interest in our services.
Muuzii is available to AT&T customers for $2.99/month. Users can try Muuzii free for 14 days by visiting the company's website. Billing for the service is handled by AT&T.

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