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Apple welcomes Beats Music and Beats Electronics to the 'family'

Apple welcomes Beats Music and Beats Electronics to the 'family'

August 1, 2014
Apple has added a new microsite welcoming the Beats Electronics and Beats Music team to the company. Additionally, purchases initiated on the Beats by Dr. Dre website are now redirected to the Apple Online Store. Available through a link on Apple’s homepage, the Beats microsite includes the following message:
Welcome to the family. Today we are excited to officially welcome Beats Music and Beats Electronics to the Apple family. Music has always held a special place in our hearts, and we’re thrilled to join forces with a group of people who love it as much as we do. Beats cofounders Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre have created beautiful products that have helped millions of people deepen their connection to music. We’re delighted to be working with the team to elevate that experience even further. And we can’t wait to hear what’s next.
Meanwhile, the Beats by Dr. Dre homepage now includes a message saying they are now "a new instrument in the Apple family." Clicking on the message redirects the user to the Beats Solo 2 page. From here (or from any Beats product page), the user can make a selection and select "Buy now on the Apple store." Ember The message reads:
There’s a new instrument in the Apple family. Musicians rely on their instruments to give structure and form to their imagination. At the dawn of digital recording, the Macintosh computer was the instrument of choice. At the beginning of portable digital music, the iPod placed the library of the world’s music in your pocket. The iPhone became not only an instrument for music but also the center of your connected life. The iPad extended this capability with a user interface and apps that allowed you to compose a symphony on the subway. Starting today, we at Beats are fortunate to add our instrument to this legacy by joining Apple. The products we build together will allow us to reimagine sound once again and to continue this great tradition of bringing imagination to life.
Because of the product redirects, I expect that we'll soon be seeing a significant revamp to the Beats by Dr. Dre website. Perhaps, Apple will eventually close the site down. On Monday, the European Commission (EC) approved Apple’s $3 billion acquisition of Beats. The deal was cleared under the EU Merger Regulation legislation. Subject to U.S. regulatory approvals, Apple has said it expects the transaction to close in fiscal Q4. Update: Re/Code says an Apple representative has confirmed the deal has been completed.

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