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Disk App is a fun and powerful new way to clear up space on your Mac

Disk App is a fun and powerful new way to clear up space on your Mac

September 8, 2014

Is your Mac feeling a little bit sluggish? Are you running out of disk space, but aren’t sure which files to delete? Consider Disk App, the newest Mac application from “It’s About Time Products.”

Featuring a clean, minimalistic interface that looks like it was created by Apple’s own design team, Disk App is incredibly easy to use. It’s also very powerful.

To begin clearing space, simply click on the “Start” button.

Using a colorful pie chart, the app identifies where unnecessary files are located, and their size. These locations include: cache, app logs, old iOS, downloads, mail downloads, browser data, and trash.

Select the pie slices you wish to clean, and then hit “click to free.”

Large files identified

Large files identified

Disk App also identifies files over 100MB, organized by largest to smallest. You can remove these files individually, or group them for easier deletion.

Folders or files deleted using Disk App are removed from your hard drive forever, unless you restore them from backup. Because of this, the application warns you before each deletion. You can also exclude items or folders from the list so that you don’t accidentally delete important files.

You won't forget this warning

You won’t forget this warning

I’ve been using Disk App for a few days and am really impressed. The application is easy to use, and thanks to its awesome interface, fun to use too. Best of all, the entire process takes just a few seconds, so you can go about your day.

Disk App comes highly recommended. You can download the application at a special introductory price of $0.99 in the Mac App Store.

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