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Apple and Microsoft fans have very little in common

Apple and Microsoft fans have very little in common

October 10, 2014

Apple people like Starbucks, BMWs, and “The Godfather.” Microsoft people embrace Anne Hathaway, “Married With Children,” and “Pulp Fiction.” These are just a few of the conclusions drawn in a new Ranker survey, courtesy of Business Insider.

How different are Apple fans and Microsoft fans?

For a new take on this question, we turned to Ranker, a crowd-sourced ranking site that is getting into the data-analytics game based on its 20 million data correlations. Ranker chief data scientist Ravi Iyer identified Apple and Microsoft fans through positive interaction on rankings of the best branding, best companies to work for, and best laptop brands, and then he revealed what other opinions Apple and Microsoft fans were unusually likely to hold.

In addition to the findings highlighted above, the survey found that Apple fans enjoy Rolo candy, “Breaking Bad,” and think Keira Knightley is “hot.” Samsung is our most disliked brand (no surprise there), while Microsoft is the company most of us consider “evil.”

By contrast, Microsoft fans dislike The Pirate Bay, think Dell would be a cool place to work, and can’t get enough 3 Musketeers candy bars.


As an Apple fan, I think Business Insider got it about right. My only disagreement is thinking that most of us consider Microsoft the devil incarnate. Microsoft is a lot of things (irrelevant, out of touch, and maybe a little bit sexist). The devil? That sounds so 1990s, no?

For the results of the entire survey, click here.

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