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Developers tease a Haunting Melissa sequel just before Halloween

Developers tease a Haunting Melissa sequel just before Halloween

October 29, 2014

Nearly 18 months after the app series Haunting Melissa began scaring iOS device owners, its creators have announced a sequel. In a email, Hooked Digital Media says to “Get Ready for the Sequel.”

In doing so, users are asked to:

UPDATE YOUR APP! Make sure you have the most recent version of Haunting Melissa!! We will be sharing exclusive news about the sequel from within your Haunting Melissa App.

TURN PUSH NOTIFICATIONS ON! Just like the Dynamic Story Schedule in Haunting Melissa, you never know when news will be released…keep your device close by.

STAY CONNECTED ON SOCIAL MEDIA: FacebookInstagramTwitter and Vine. There will be much more to discover between now and the release of the Haunting Melissa sequel!

First released in May 2013, the Haunting Melissa app series comes from Hollywood producer Neal Edelstein, who knows a little bit about bringing horror stories to life. He was the force behind “The Ring,” and “Mulholland Drive.”

Edelstein once described Haunting Melissa as “a ghost story created to be consumed in a dark corner with headphones on and iPhone or iPad in hand.” As such, “you never know when the next piece will come or how long that piece will be…it’s a complete surprise.”

I thoroughly enjoyed Haunting Melissa when it was first released and can’t wait to see what the sequel is about.

Haunting Melissa is a freemium app, and can be downloaded now on the App Store.

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