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Ahead of the holidays, Shoppers are embracing Apple's iBeacon technology

Ahead of the holidays, Shoppers are embracing Apple's iBeacon technology

November 25, 2014

Retailers who have implemented Apple’s iBeacon technology are more likely to have a happy holiday this season, according to Swirl Networks. The company behind many beacon installations at retailers in the United States has found that the technology is influencing how many of us shop. In the process, this is leading to more sales.

Shoppers are engaging with and acting on beacon marketing campaigns in stores:

  • 60 percent of shoppers open and engage with beacon-triggered content
  • 30 percent of shoppers redeem beacon-triggered offers at the point of purchase

Beacon marketing campaigns are influencing shopper behavior:

  • 73 percent of shoppers surveyed said that beacon-triggered content and offers increased their likelihood to purchase during their store visit
  • 61 percent said they would do more holiday shopping at stores that delivered mobile content and offers while they shop
  • 61 percent said they would visit a store with beacon marketing campaigns more often
  • 60 percent said they would buy more as a result of receiving beacon-triggered marketing messages

Introduced by Apple in 2013, iBeacon is an indoor positioning system that uses Bluetooth low energy proximity sensing to notify nearby mobile devices with a compatible operating system or app.

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