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From Black Friday until Cyber Monday, you can order a Plastc banking card for free

From Black Friday until Cyber Monday, you can order a Plastc banking card for free

November 28, 2014

In October, we introduced you to Plastc, described by its creators as “the most intelligently-designed, secure digital card ever invented.” Featuring E-Link technology, the card serves as a replacement for your credit and debit cards, loyalty and gift cards, access cards, and coupons.

As we previously explained, the Plastc Card features a digital display using E-Ink technology that shows your name, credit card, barcodes, and more. With a single swipe and tap you can change the type of the card that you’d like to use. You can also view your balances or available credit on the card.

Features include:

  • Plastc Card comes with an E-Ink Touchscreen, a proprietary wafer thin digital display using the technology that shows your name, credit card, barcodes and much more
  • The rewritable magnetic strip enables the behavior of the card to change depending on which card you select.
  • Plastc Card will ship with Chip and PIN hardware which means that it will work globally after a Plastc firmware update in late 2015.
  • Rewritable NFC/RFID technology that lets Plastc Card mimic any RFID access cards.
  • Low energy Bluetooth (BLE) is included within Plastc Card for connecting with the accompanying Wallet app.
  • If your Card is left behind or away from your phone for a predetermined amount of time, Plastc Card will remote wipe your data to prevent fraudulent activity.
  • Return Me Mode helps your card find its way back to you by displaying a message on the e-ink screen when it’s lost.
  • Built in flash memory allows for you to store up to 20 cards at once.
  • Plastc Card will display your photo ID and signature on the E-Ink Touchscreen so you are giving additional forms of identification to the retailer.
  • 30-Day Battery Life + Wireless Charging you will experience about 30 days of battery life.

The Plastc Card doesn’t ship until the summer. Until now, you had to pay $155 to preorder a card.

As part of a special Black Friday promotion, preorders are free through Cyber Monday, Dec. 1, at 11:59 p.m. EST. Your credit card payment of $155 won’t be charged until your digital card arrives in the mail.

Ryan Marquis, chief operating officer and co-founder of Plastc notes:

On Black Friday and Cyber Monday, consumers expect a good deal, so we decided to go all out and offer the pre-order of Plastc Card with a zero up-front fee. Of course, you’ll need to pay later when it ships. We eliminated all the barriers so everyone can experience Plastc.

I would agree. This is a terrific deal, especially for those folks would might have been reluctant to pluck $155 down for a product that has yet to be released.

For more information, visit the Plastc website.

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