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Twelve South's SurfacePad adds style to your new iPhone 6 but not much protection

Twelve South's SurfacePad adds style to your new iPhone 6 but not much protection

November 17, 2014

Back in February 2013, Twelve South introduced the SurfacePad for iPhone. As I mentioned at the time, the case is a strange beast, especially when you consider its pedigree.

Twelve South’s line of BookBook cases have always screamed for attention, causing many to ask whether it is a case or a book. By contrast, the SurfacePad for iPhone is designed for those that rather not carry a case at all. As a result, the case is very hard to see, at least from a distance.

Recently, SurfacePads for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were unveiled. Like previous versions, the new case is made of high-quality leather, and is made to protect the front and the back of your iPhone from everyday hazards. It also serves as an occasional stand.

The 2014 SurfacePad offers some minor changes, including the addition of two slots for cards on the inside front cover, and “reinforced stitching” for “long-term durability and added style.” The new model is also the first to be offered in light tan, joining red, white, and black as color choices.


For the past two weeks, I’ve been using a SurfacePad review unit on my iPhone 6 Plus. Overall, I have been impressed. Still, this case is not for everyone.

The SurfacePad for iPhone shouldn’t be confused with an Otterbox, or another bulky iPhone case. As a result, it provides only minimal protection.

When asked whether the SurfacePad will protect the device’s screen in the event of a fall, Twelve South doesn’t hold back: “Probably not. SurfacePad for iPhone is not designed to protect iPhone from falls, drops, being run over by a car or dropped in the loo. SurfacePad is meant to guard your iPhone from scratches and scrapes from things like car keys, nail files or concrete park benches.”



If you’re the type of person that often worries about dropping your phone, this isn’t the case for you. However, if you’re looking for a case that looks beautiful, go for it.

The SurfacePad for the iPhone 6 is $39.99, while the iPhone 6 Plus model is $49.99. Both are available to order online through Twelve South or Amazonand at retail outlets.

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