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Watch your yard Blossom with this new smart watering controller for iPhone

Watch your yard Blossom with this new smart watering controller for iPhone

November 21, 2014

With Blossom, you can now control your yard’s watering schedule from anywhere and at any time with a smartphone, tablet, or computer. The smart watering controller is now available to preorder through a successfully funded Kickstarter project.

Founded by former employees of Skype, Vizio, Microsoft, Linksys, and Cisco, the Blossom controller takes into account rainfall and only uses the amount of water needed based on local weather conditions. As a result, it promises to conserve water and reduce water utility bills by up to 30 percent.

What about the connection? Most residential irrigation controllers are placed outside the home or in garage areas where Wi-Fi connectivity is often limited. Blossom addresses this with Powerline, a technology that turns electrical outlets into Internet connections. Better still, Blossom has been designed to be deployed indoors or outdoors.


According to Blossom founder Manrique Brenes:

We know what it takes to build a reliable product that scales in the cloud and is cost effective. Blossom is the culmination of the expertise we, as the company’s founders, gained in related fields combined with our desire to create something impactful across multiple sectors. With Blossom, we’re not only making users’ lives easier, we’re helping them save money, conserve water and protect the environment for future generations.

Take a look:

Blossom will retail for $179 when it launches in early 2015. Early backers on Kickstarter can receive a Blossom for as little as $119.

The Kickstarter project runs through Dec. 17 with deliveries estimated to begin in February.

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