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A White House Christmas courtesy of the iPhone 6 Plus

A White House Christmas courtesy of the iPhone 6 Plus

December 5, 2014

Photographer Brooks Kraft has been covering White House events since 2000. This year, he decided to document the unveiling of Christmas decorations at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue using an Apple iPhone 6 Plus, according to Time.

Noting that the annual event is a “good opportunity to try out new gear,” Kraft took his photos using the phone’s square format.

Time notes:

The results, he feels, were good. “There are a lot of mixed lights in these rooms and there’s also [natural] light, and the new iPhones do a really good job of balancing colors right out of the camera. Kraft also likes to shoot with an iPhone because it allows him to work rapidly. “The iPhone has a lot of depth-of-field, which allows me to shoot the [picture] and move around quickly, which worked in this situation because we were sort of ushered through the rooms and didn’t have a lot of time. I wanted to photograph most of the spaces with few people in them, so the window of opportunity in which to shoot was brief.”

White House Holiday Decorations

Though Kraft has no plans to replace his professional DSLR with his iPhone, he does say there are times when the mobile phone could be useful.

He concludes:

I notice that people just don’t react the same way [when you’re using an iPhone]. If you are looking to capture something candid, people are so used to seeing mobile devices that their reaction time is slower. You have a better chance of getting the shot, and that was the case at the White House.

This year’s White House holiday theme is “A Children’s Winter Wonderland.”

To see Kraft’s entire collection of White House photos taken with an iPhone 6 Plus, click here.

Photos: Brooks Kraft

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