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With Snapselect, you can finally bring order to your Mac's photo library

With Snapselect, you can finally bring order to your Mac's photo library

December 11, 2014

Has your Mac’s photo library become unmanageable? Are you having difficulty finding that perfect shot from a recent trip? You may want to consider Snapselect, the latest photography application from MacPhun.

Snapselect helps you remove unwanted photos and highlight the best images from your library. In the process, it helps you preserve valuable disk space. Best of all, Snapselect works with iPhoto, Aperture, Lightroom, and any folder or external drive, including camera SD cards.

Using a smart proprietary image recognition algorithm, Snapselect groups images by similarities and by capture time, making it easier to reject the ones you no longer want, while highlighting the ones you like. This creates two views: Rejects and Picks.


After beginning a Snapselect session, you’ll be asked to import your images from any folder or iPhoto, Aperture, or Lightroom library. After scanning this folder, Snapselect organizes the images into groups under the Similars View.

In each group, “Star” the photos you like, then click “Resolve Group.” Snapselect calls this a game — “you pick best in the group, then resolve the group, until no groups of similar files and duplicates are left.”

Next, pick the best images in every group in the Timeline View and then click “Reject Unpicked.” Once you’re done, look at the Picks and Rejects Views.

Explore the Picks View, where all of the images marked with a Star reside. Move or Copy them to a folder, library, or share them to your social networks. The photos can also be moved to one of Macphun’s other applications to enhance.

Finally, check the Rejected View. These are the images you haven’t marked with a Star. You can archive the photos, move them to the Mac trash, or restore.

Take a look:

Snapselect is normally priced at $24.99. For a limited time, it is available for $14.99 on the Mac App Store.

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