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Best new apps of the week: Funny Or Die Weather and Shifts

Best new apps of the week: Funny Or Die Weather and Shifts

January 26, 2015

Every week, our staff will handpick an app from the past two weeks that we believe is a must-have download for your iPhone or iPad. These apps will always be from various categories, but they are chosen because our own staff members love it and have been using them daily. So here are this week’s picks! Enjoy!

Funny Or Die Weather

It's cloudy with a high chance of funny in our App of the Week.

It’s cloudy with a high chance of funny in our App of the Week.

Wish your weather came with a chance of humor? Then you need to check out our App of the Week, Funny Or Die Weather.

This minimal and elegant weather app sports a beautiful interface that is sure to delight anyone looking for a gorgeous aesthetic to go with the weather. The background is filled with colorful gradients that represent the current temperatures and conditions, and the typeface is legible and contrasts nicely with the color. While the app focuses on the humor in the form of a joke or thought at the top of the screen, Funny Or Die Weather also packs plenty of useful information as well, and it is all accurate since it comes from Weather Underground.

Users can add an unlimited number of global locations in the app, as well as use their device’s geolocation. You can access the full list of spots from the button in the bottom right corner, as well as edit, delete, and add more. This view allows you to switch easily between Fahrenheit and Celsius as well.

When you are viewing the weather for a specific location, the first thing you see at the top is the daily thought, joke, or hilarious fact. Each city will have its own joke for the day, and you can navigate through all of your saved locations by swiping horizontally on the screen. As you scroll further down on a city’s weather, you’ll get basics like temperature, conditions, highs and lows, hourly and five-day forecasts, and more.

We are fans of Funny Or Die, so we are pleased to see them expand into the wonderful world of weather apps, because hey, who can’t use a joke or two when they check the weather? You can get Funny Or Die Weather on the App Store for the iPhone for free.

For a closer look at Funny Or Die Weather, make sure to check my full review.

Honorable Mention

Shifts — Shift Worker Calendar

Manage your work shifts easier than ever with our Honorable Mention this week.

Manage your work shifts easier than ever with our Honorable Mention this week.

Are you someone who works a job with irregular shifts? Then you need to grab our Honorable Mention this week, Shifts — Shift Worker Calendar by Snowman.

Shifts features a beautiful interface that is simple, yet sophisticated. The main calendar view is just as you’d expect, but the app differentiates itself from normal calendars in the fact that it makes it incredibly easy to add multiple shifts and mark the days on the calendar that you need to work. This is what makes Shifts the app to get if you work shifts that aren’t your typical nine-to-five job. The tutorial explains all of the basics.

To add a shift, just tap on the button in the bottom left corner. Give the shifts a name, icon and color, then start and end time, and even hourly wage (optional). The app allows users to add as many as necessary. Then, on the calendar view, tap on the plus button to bring up your shift list, select the one you want to mark the calendar with, and then tap on the days. You can quickly jump to another shift if needed, before saving the changes to your calendar. The colored icons you set will make it easy to see what your work schedule is in a single glance. If the calendar view isn’t your favorite, there is also a list view that presents your shifts in an agenda-like style.

Shifts also has a rotation feature, in case you have a schedule that rotates out after a certain amount of time. Having this means Shifts is flexible and will work with whatever kind of schedule you throw at it. Schedules can be shared with others through the native Share Sheet, and you can see upcoming shifts in Notification Center thanks to the widget support. If you put in your hourly rate, then Shifts can show you the earnings you’ll get for the month. There is also an option to have your normal calendars show up in Shifts too, meaning one less app to use.

While we have fairly routine schedules here at AppAdvice, we have family who work shift jobs (like hospital workers) or we may have other jobs that we do. With this in mind, Shifts has proven to be fairly useful, and should be an app for anyone who works different kinds of shifts, or even students. You can get Shifts – Shift Worker Calendar on the App Store for the iPhone for $1.99.

For more information on Shifts – Shift Worker Calendar, don’t miss my original review here.

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