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Developers are still making more money on the App Store

Developers are still making more money on the App Store

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January 28, 2015

In 2014, Google Play had 60 percent more worldwide application downloads than Apple’s App Store. Still, iPhone and iPad users needn’t worry that new apps will now arrive on Android devices first. The reason? Developers are still making more money on iOS, according to App Annie.

Last year, Google Play and the App Store each saw huge gains, both in terms of downloads and app revenues. However, the App Store is where most of the revenues were realized, generating over 70 percent more yearly app revenue than Google Play.


This news comes just weeks after Apple announced that iOS developers took home a record $10 billion in revenue in 2014. This was a 50 percent increase over 2013. Through of the end of December, App Store developers have earned a cumulative $25 billion in revenue from the sale of apps and games.

The App Store launched in July 2008; what would become Google Play opened in October 2008.

Apple’s competitors like to discuss market share, whether it be PC versus Mac, or Android versus PC. However, Apple continues to lead where it counts: revenues. I don’t expect to see that change anytime soon, as it relates to the App Store.