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AppAdvice launches a new site focused exclusively on Apple Watch: WatchAware

AppAdvice launches a new site focused exclusively on Apple Watch: WatchAware

AppAdvice Announces
February 24, 2015

Introducing WatchAware

Today is a special day at AppAdvice, as we’re officially launching our sister site WatchAware. There, we’ll be focusing exclusively on Apple Watch and Apple Watch apps. We’ll be offering our insight and sharing all the best Apple Watch news on a daily basis. But why do we need a separate site for all that, you ask?

Well, why did Apple go all-in on a brand new device category?

That’s what we’re excited to explore at WatchAware. All around the Internet, pundits and critics alike don’t seem to understand the point — the real potential — of Apple Watch. People seem fixated on discussing only the most superficial aspects of the new wearable without digging beneath the surface. Everyone seems uninterested, or unable, to figure out the “why” beneath the “what.”

We’ll, of course, continue to cover the Apple Watch appropriately for iOS enthusiasts on But at WatchAware, we’ll get to dig deeper. We’ll approach things from the perspective of the Apple Watch first and we’re doing it in three main ways:

Latest News

While we aren’t interested in regurgitating other outlets’ posts or content, there are some relevant Apple Watch musings emanating from the blogosphere. A few are truly insightful and important. But even when they’re not, when someone’s asking the wrong question, they often suggest or hint at a more important revelation. So every day, we’re providing links to and brief analysis of the most interesting pieces of Apple Watch news available. We don’t want to summarize those stories, we just want to send you to the source with our perspective in tow. Sometimes, we might even send you there smiling at a joke or two, because tech isn’t always serious business, and neither are tech blogs. Everyone needs a little attitude, after all. You can find ours in the Latest News section.


WatchAware was born to examine and embrace the groundbreaking new communications paradigm that Apple’s got up its sleeve. No, we don’t have all the answers, but we have a lot of ideas, and we ask the most important questions. We want to move the conversation forward. We want to get people thinking critically about how Apple Watch changes everything they thought they knew about wearables and personal computing alike. Around the tech community, we see all the wrong ideas being pushed to the forefront. We want to fix that. To do so, we’re bringing you our own in-depth considerations about the deeper purposes of Apple Watch, which you’ll find in the Features section.


But news links and original articles are only half of our project at WatchAware. The other half is dedicated to highlighting, explaining, previewing, and reviewing all the best indie and mainstream Apple Watch apps as they begin to surface. We’ve already started speaking with developers, and their excitement — like ours — is palpable. We want to make sure they have the necessary platform and visibility to get their ideas off to a running start. You can stay up to speed on the app development front in our Apps section.

Please feel free to give us feedback about the new site and its content. We can’t move the discussion forward without you, after all. And be sure to follow us on Twitter for all the latest and greatest Apple Watch updates.

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