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How to use Flipp to find great local sales

How to use Flipp to find great local sales

Deals & Shopping
February 25, 2015

You receive circulars for your local stores in the mail every week, but do you have the time to search through them looking for sales on items that you really need? Sure, you may have time here and there to flip through the pages and browse, but what if you want to find a deal on a particular item or simply the biggest sale in town? Or, what if you are out on your shopping day and want to see if a different store has a better deal on that video game or pork roast? This is where Flipp comes in.

When you open Flipp for the first time, you enter your zip code or allow it to find your location. You can then choose favorites from their list of stores, which is perfect for including those at which you shop often. You can pick from pharmacies, hardware shops, auto parts stores, discount marts, supermarkets, and even video game stores. After choosing your favorites, there are a few different ways to find super deals on items.

First, if you do have the time to browse, you have the option to look through your favorite circulars page by page. However, if you know exactly what you are looking for you can use the search feature to type in your item or pick from a list of popular items. Either way, Flipp will then show you the results of the search sorted by store. Click the item in the results and Flipp will take you right to that page in the circular.

One of the most helpful features of Flipp is the ability to clip and save items you have chosen. Once you have found an item, simply tap the screen and a yellow circle is place around the item in the circular. If you tap and hold the item, available details will display such as price, product description, and social sharing buttons. After you clip the items you want, Flipp saves the clippings for you all in one spot and grouped by store.

Flipp Clip     Flipp Clippings

One of the coolest features of Flipp is the percentage slider. This appears at the bottom of the screen when you are within a store circular. Just move the percentage slider to the right to increase the percentage amount and the app will display how many items are available in the flyer at that percentage off. Flipp will then highlight each of those items in the flyer for you so that you can find them easily to clip and save.

Flipp Slider        Flipp Highlight

Flipp also offers a shopping list feature, which can be very handy. Type an item to add it to your shopping list and the app will display how many local deals are available for that item. Next, just click the arrow next to the item to see which stores have each of those deals. Then clip and save the ones you want.

Flipp List

There are some other great features of Flipp that can help ease your shopping searches. Categories from automotive to groceries to sports are available to help narrow down your searches. Notifications can be turned on so that you are notified of items you have clipped which will expire soon. Store locations with addresses are available and connect to your map app for directions and travel time.

So, unless you have time each week to sit down and thumb through circulars, or do not feel like driving all over town looking for the best deals, then Flipp is the perfect app for you.

Flipp from Wishabi Inc. is a universal app available for free on the App Store.

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