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Itching to explore more about Apple Watch? It’s time for WatchAware

Itching to explore more about Apple Watch? It’s time for WatchAware

AppAdvice Announces
February 10, 2015

When Apple first opened iOS (formerly iPhone OS) to third-party app development, we recognized the need for a curated news and reviews service for everything we knew the new platform would become. Since then, AppAdvice has been obsessed in its mission to provide our readers with the very best that iOS, the App Store, and Apple’s entire mobile ecosystem have to offer.

Now, with Apple Watch, we feel a little bit of history repeating, a creeping sense of industrial déjà vu. So even though Cupertino’s newest piece of kit is being billed as the ultimate iOS convergence device, it’s clear that it’s a whole lot more. It’s clear that we need to give Apple Watch our undivided attention with a dedicated destination all its own.

Allow us to introduce

Our goal for the new site is to raise the level (and, in many ways, change the direction) of the blogosphere’s critical conversation about Apple Watch. We want to discuss more than mere release date rumors and pricing speculation. We’re hardly interested in cries of “Will it flop?” and “Epic fail!” We know better. We understand what Apple Watch is actually all about.

WatchAware will focus on how Apple Watch is primed to dramatically change our personal and connected mobile experiences, making everyone aware of the world around them in ways never before deemed practical or possible. We will examine the new communications paradigm that Apple’s got up its sleeve and, with true AppAdvice pedigree, we’re going to tell you all about the new kinds of apps that make a lot more sense on your wrist than in your pocket.

While AppAdvice itself will always cover the latest news and reviews about Apple Watch, WatchAware will be staffed with wearables enthusiasts focused entirely on exploring everything Apple Watch is and everything Apple Watch means.

WatchAware will officially launch this coming Monday, Feb. 16, and we’re currently seeking out both passionate contributors to produce content as well as developer contacts from teams working on creative solutions for what truly promises to be Apple’s next big thing.

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