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New Web app Makeovr lets you customize your Home screen

New Web app Makeovr lets you customize your Home screen

February 26, 2015

If you’re one of those folks constantly annoyed by Apple’s determination that all of your Home screen icons have to be lined up neatly in rows, but you can’t – or won’t – jailbreak your device, here’s some good news for you. A new Web app called Makeovr allows you to quickly and easily create “invisible icons” to take up those slots on your Home screen that you would rather be blank.

Makeovr works by taking advantage of an iOS feature that allows you to add Web pages to your Home screen as pseudo-apps. You can choose your wallpaper from Makeovr’s collection or upload your own. The Web app will then provide you with the invisible icons that you can add to your Home screen. You can then position your regular app icons or folders where you want, even leaving blank spaces between app icons. Best of all, no jailbreak is required.

The included wallpaper at the Makeovr Web app includes a cute Frogger theme, a well-drawn Mario screen, an aquarium theme, and more. The Web app works on the iPhone 5, 5s, 6, and 6 Plus. I tested it with Makeovr’s Big Ben theme as well as my own wallpaper upload, and both images worked out beautifully once I had the right zoom level set on the image. Find out more here, but make sure you’re on your iDevice when you follow the link.

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