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Samsung to supply DRAM for next generation iPhone

Samsung to supply DRAM for next generation iPhone

February 25, 2015

Despite the animosity and competition between Samsung and Apple, it would appear that Apple’s upcoming next generation iPhones will still contain memory chips supplied by Samsung Electronics. According to The Korea Times, Samsung agreed with Apple to supply advanced 20nm LPDDR4 DRAM memory chips for Apple’s new range of smartphones.

Why LPDDR4 memory? According to insiders, the so-called LPDDR4 memory chips are a major step up from the memory currently used in smartphones, and could generate a huge technological leap for the new model of iPhone.

An industry official familiar with the deal told The Korea Times that Samsung will start providing Apple with at least half of the amount of mobile DRAM chips needed to manufacture the new lineup of iPhones, but Apple may order more from Samsung depending on the need.

Apple has also enlisted Samsung to be responsible for 80 percent of the production of the A9 chipset that will be used to power the upcoming iPhones, while Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company will handle the rest.

Apple tried to replace Samsung a few years back, when they were working to build the iPhone 5, but could not find another company able to build massive amounts of DRAM at once without worrying about component shortages. It’s amusing to see the amount of Samsung technology still being used within the iPhone models, considering the almost constant bickering between Apple and Samsung. Maybe they can play nice after all, at least when it is mutually beneficial.

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