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4 easy tricks to get going again when things don't work on your iPhone or iPad

4 easy tricks to get going again when things don't work on your iPhone or iPad

Getting Stuff Done
March 4, 2015

Nothing is more frustrating than when things go buggy on your iPhone or iPad. Whether it’s a frozen app, keyboard acting strangely or the phone suddenly won’t charge. Here are four quick and easy troubleshooting tricks that really work:

Close the app. Sounds too simple? Many of us get busy and go from one app to another repeatedly. While there is debate about whether or not apps are active in the background, when one isn’t working close it out. To close an app use a four finger swipe up on the iPad, or a double tap on the home button on either device. Find the offending app and flick it up toward the top of the screen. Touch the home button again to get back to your home screen. Reopen the app and all should be working normally. If not, double tap the home button again and close out all apps. Go to the next step.


Reboot your iPhone or iPad. If your iPhone or iPad suddenly isn’t charging, follow step No. 1–close all the apps, and reboot. This doesn’t mean put the iPad to sleep, or turn it off. Reboot your device by simultaneously holding the home button and the sleep button until the Apple appears. Once the Apple appears release both buttons. Try charging again and all should be good. If not, check the charger.

Delete the app. If you are still having problems with a badly behaving app delete and reinstall it. Delete it by touching and holding your finger on the app until it begins to wiggle. Touch the “X” in the upper left corner to delete it. A pop-up message will ask if you are sure you want to delete the app. Touch yes. Touch your home button to stop the wiggling apps. Go to the next step to immediately reinstall the app.


Reinstall the app. Go to the App Store. From the tab menu at the bottom on the iPad/iPhone touch Search. Type in the name of the app that was deleted. It should appear with a Cloud icon and down arrow. Touch the cloud to download and install it. Open the app and log in if necessary.

These four little tricks are lifesavers and can prevent an unnecessary trip to the Genius Bar, or waiting to ask your techie friend for help. Use them when you get stuck and you will be pleasantly surprised.