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Audiomux lets you stream audio from your iPhone to your Mac

Audiomux lets you stream audio from your iPhone to your Mac

March 16, 2015

For the first time, you can stream audio to a Mac by way of the standard 30 pin or Lightning USB cable. Audiomux, a new universal app on the App Store, lets you integrate your iOS apps into your music production environment just like you would any other plugin.

Audiomux, at the technical level, creates a virtual audio device for each iDevice connected to your Mac. The audio is transferred digitally via USB, so it is received on the Mac transparently, without any loss of signal quality and with very low latency.

You can stream audio from your iOS apps to your Mac, and vice versa. The app is fully Audiobus-compatible, so you have full ability to use the app alongside countless other iOS music sources. If you connect multiple iOS devices to your Mac, each one will create its own audio device. The app uses very little CPU time, so you can keep using it along with your other apps.

You will, of course, need Audiobus, a $4.99 app on the App Store. You will also need to install a small utility on your Mac, and audiomux only works with the Mac. The utility app is a free download, and works perfectly with any Audiobus-compatible mixing software package or DAW.

Audiomux is $6.99 on the App Store, and provides countless ways you can use your iPhone or iPad in any music production environment. You don’t need audio interfaces or MIDI hubs, you can just use the iPhone or iPad as a direct audio input source.

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