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Forget Instagram and Vine, share animated moments with Moju

Forget Instagram and Vine, share animated moments with Moju

March 20, 2015

Photo- and video-sharing apps are nothing new. Instagram and Vine are the two most obvious examples. Today, we’d like to introduce you to Moju, which promises to “capture life’s best moments with motion.”

First introduced in April 2014, Moju makes photos interactive and dynamic by incorporating motion. The app allows users to shoot up to 24 frames with their iPhone, thereby creating an animated “moment.”

What makes Moju even more unique is that the moment is viewable from any angle and in any order based on how you flip your phone. Better still, existing photos and videos can be imported, and easily converted into interactive Mojus.


This week, Moju 2.0 was introduced. The latest update features a new UI, and includes two new features: real-time Moju Chat and Moju Flashback.

Moju Chat allows you to send private messages to other Moju users and receive push notifications. This means you can now send Mojus to select people, rather than across your entire Moju network.

With Moju Flashback, past moments from your timeline will occasionally show up, allowing you to enjoy last year’s vacation or your child’s previous birthday.

Moju has also announced a new feature called Face Align, which will make its debut in a future app release. With Face Align, facial detection and recognition technologies are used to align and blend faces “to synthesize stories of people in our lives.”

Here’s a sample Moju:


According to Mok Oh, CEO and founder of Moju:

Capturing images is no longer the problem. People carry cameras around everywhere they go. Kids are born and their whole lives are recorded and documented. The problem then becomes that there are so many photos, we never look at them. There is too much data and noise. We are so easily able to preserve and record our memories that it becomes difficult to consume them.

Moju is one of those apps that has been flying under the radar, and one that comes highly recommended. If you’re looking for a new way to share life’s moments, Moju could be for you.

The free app is available for download on the App Store.

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