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HBO Now launching exclusively on Apple TV

HBO Now launching exclusively on Apple TV

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March 9, 2015

In Apple TV news, Tim Cook pointed out that customers love to stream their favorite TV shows. With the Apple TV, Cook said, “We’re offering content from all of the leading networks, and we’re adding more each day.” That’s why Cook was excited to announce a new partnership with HBO.

Speaking of HBO, Cook said, “Over the years, they’ve created groundbreaking shows that have shaped our culture.” He spoke of the return of Veep, Silicon Valley, and Game of Thrones. Cook then turned the stage over to Richard Plepler, the chief executive officer of HBO.

Plepler started out by announcing, “We love Apple and all of the extraordinary products they make.” Plepler went on to talk about HBO’s new standalone streaming service, HBO Now. “We couldn’t be prouder that Apple is our exclusive partner at launch,” Plepler said.

Subscribers to the new streaming service will get access to all of HBO’s acclaimed programming past, present and future. All you need is a broadband connection and an Apple device. It will show up as a brand new channel on Apple TV and subscribers can also watch on the iPhone and iPad.

The subscription will cost $14.99/month; if you subscribe in April, you’ll get the first month for free.

Cook pointed out that the Apple TV had been a major seller, with more than 25 million units sold. Going forward, though, Apple wants to make access to the Apple TV even easier, so they have lowered the price for the set-top box to $69.

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